Archive of our news and views

  1. May 2016
    Heritage Park Flower Beds Thanks to all those who helped clean up the beds. Hope you can help us plant on May 17th and enjoy a hot dog grilled to perfection by Lois Adams. If you were at the meeting you know we are contracting to have a sprinkler system put in at the Greenwald House. But, we still need workers to sign up to turn on the water at the Perennial Bed and do some weeding and deadheading at the gardens during the summer. Sign up with a friend for a week of maintenance this summer. Call Beth Ann Nowak to volunteer or sign up at the May meeting.
  2. April 2016
    Planting Day at Heritage Park. 5:00 pm Bring your knee pads and tools to help put in annuals and make our beds look great for the summer. Hot dogs on the grill by Lois Adams for those who help put in the flowers at the Greenwald House and Log Cabin beds. Contact Beth Ann Nowak with questions ( Chairperson.
    May 17
  3. May Meeting
    TGC Meeting at the Ford Senior Center 6750 Troy 7:00 pm. “Kennedy Greenhouse Project” Kyle Wright, a Kennedy High School student will give the background on this student initiated project and its present status. Hostesses: Marge Jones, Pat Gergel, Ellen Sciotte, Debbie Huston, Marilyn Silka, Betty Trombetta
    May 19
  4. Field Trip
    Trip to Historic Fort Wayne. Call Lois Adams now to register for this trip to see the historic site and gardens.
    May 20
  5. Memorial
    Memorial for Joan Teetzel Taylor Conservatory, 9 am —noon.
    June 11
  6. June Meeting
    Annual June Dinner at the Ford Senior Center 6750 Troy 6:00 pm Cost is $15.
    June 16
  7. Garden Walk
    In-House Garden Walk See Lois Adams if you would like to invite us for a visit to your yard.
    July 16